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Main Stage Improv performs a unique laugh out loud show of improv games in the style of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” This interactive non-stop high energy show is driven by the suggestions of YOU-the audience! 

Main Stage Improv

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Improv Workshops

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Improve your quick thinking and have a blast with Main Stage Productions Improv Workshops, tailored to enhance your social fearlessness. Providing 1-hour and 2-hour sessions, Main Stage uses proven techniques from The Second City, Comedy Sportz, and Laugh Out Loud Theater to guide you through six interactive exercises. You’ll learn the fundamentals of improv, active listening, and confident speaking while also having fun and making new friends. Ideal for both individuals and teams, these workshops are a convenient way to elevate your improv skills.

Looking for a convenient local adult Improv class? Main Stage Productions offers a 7-week course designed to teach you the essentials and culminate in your own improv show. The course includes six 2-hour classes, a 2-hour rehearsal, and a 1-hour graduation performance. You’ll learn basic improv principles, object work, character development, active listening, and team support. 

Registration for courses now open!

Improv Courses

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Improv At Your Doorstep

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Hosting a private event at your company or a get-together at your house? Main Stage will come to your address to lead you and your guests in 1 hour of improv games and get everyone laughing, having fun, and breaking the ice! You and the guests will not only be the stars of the improv but also the hit of the event!

Some Testimonials From Others

Garrett’s Improv Workshop at our 2024 ND Loyal Spring Retreat at the University of Notre Dame was an incredible experience! His engaging style and carefully chosen improv games really brought our group together. I learned the importance of active listening and collaboration while having an absolute blast. Highly recommended for team building and fun!

Wendy Garcia Sigala University of Notre Dame ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, ANNUAL GIVING PROGRAMS, DEPARTMENT OF DEVELOPMENT University of Notre Dame

Wendy Garcia Sigala

I took Garrett’s online improv course and it was a game-changer in improving my ability to think on my feet. His improv classes are not just entertaining; they’ve given me invaluable skills in communication, quick thinking, and adaptability. I’ve seen his impact on others too—transforming even the most reserved individuals into confident communicators!

Mike Scampini Headshot

Mike Scampini

I have reached out to Garrett more times than I can count to give his popular Improv workshops to everyday people. The goals in doing these workshops are to get people out of their shells, have fun, and make new friends. His workshops are so entertaining and fun, that word of mouth gets out and I need to book him twice. Second City and SNL don’t have anything on Garrett. When I think of Improv, I think Garrett.

Thad Gray Headshot

Thad Gray

Great show! Awesome crew! High energy and different styles of comedy made my cheeks hurt.

Kari Sipinen Headshot

Kari Sipinen

Garrett Gray and his supreme sense of humor and people focused philosophy made everyone feel like a star of their own comedy show when playing his improv games. Garrett has an uncanny ability to connect instantly with people of diverse backgrounds and all ages. When you are looking for a charismatic improv master, who can motivate your team, family or friends to think on their feet while having fun, Garrett Gray is your guy!

Maymona Nageye Headshot

Maymona Nageye

Garrett Gray is the ambassador of laughter! His mission of spreading joy, positivity, and laughter through Improv is changing the world one game at a time! His instructional approach is hands-on and supportive. As a student, you will experience Improv as a team by jumping in, building comedic muscle and confidence. Join his adult improv class and make an investment in yourself. You deserve to experience the transformative power of laughter!

Judy Wilk headshot

Judy Wilk

I had an extraordinary experience in Garrett Gray’s IMPROV class. I took his 7-week course because I had to do more public speaking in my work. The training and coaching I received from Garrett went far beyond my expectations. It DID help me in my work, but in addition, the IMPROV experience had a huge impact on how I observe the intricacies of life now. I became more aware of body language, listening to others, timing, and above all… HUMOR! We-students always left our IMPROV class smiling, laughing, and feeling happy. Hey, this could be the solution to World Peace! I highly recommend taking any class that Garrett Gray teaches. It is rare to have a great teacher…Garrett Gray is one!

Michelle Alfano

Main Stage Improv was a great show! Hysterical!! We were highly entertained and it kept us laughing from beginning to end! I highly recommend checking it out!

Debbie Moran Headshot

Debbie Moran

Taking Garrett’s 7-week adult improv fundamentals class was an absolute delight. His wealth of knowledge in improv techniques combined with his positive and encouraging demeanor created an environment where creativity flourished. I felt empowered to step out of my comfort zone, embrace spontaneity, and build genuine connections with fellow classmates. Garrett’s guidance not only honed my improv skills but also instilled a newfound confidence in me both on and off the stage.

Dan Janousek

Garrett Gray’s 7-week Improv Fundamentals Class was incredible. Garrett’s teaching style is fun, constructive, and always supportive.  His positivity is infectious. Your confidence grows with each class – from the activities and games that are designed to build on what you learn from week to week, to Garrett’s words of support during class, pointing out things you did well or were funny between classes, and to the amazing group of classmates who support each other and have a ton of fun with each week. I strongly recommend this class for anyone interested in challenging themselves and having a ton of laughs while they do it!

Mike Banker

Superhero Improv was so much fun and a great way to interact with fellow C2E2 goers without any awkwardness.

Adanna Byrd Headshot

Adanna Byrd

Attended an improv workshop with Garrett in 2024!  So much fun!  His positive method of teaching and group exercises helped me to get past feelings of awkwardness and thinking outside of MY box, making for more effective (and entertaining) communication.

Rick Dobczyk

I enrolled in Garrett’s 6-week improv course and I was pleasantly surprised by the incredible journey it took me on. The course content and structure not only met but far exceeded what I could have imagined. Each week brought a new dimension to my learning of the tools of improv! What truly set this course apart was the instructor, Garrett Gray, who shared his own insights and experiences from performing Improv onstage with various troupes. His authenticity and willingness to relate his personal knowledge and experiences made the learning process incredibly helpful and inspiring. He shared useful tips of the trade that help mold a group of improvisers into an improv TEAM! If you’re seeking a transformative Improv course to jump start your improv journey look no further than Garrett’s 6 week improv fundamental course! It will positively impact your life!

Vineet Anand Headshot

Vineet Anand

Best improv show I’ve ever seen! The cast is hilarious and extremely talented! I laughed non-stop throughout the entire show!

Mark Avignone Headshot

Mark Avignone

Garrett and the Main Stage crew maximize LOL moments with their creative brainpower. I haven’t laughed this hard since…ever! My face feels permanently frozen into a smile thanks to this improv show!

Marisa DeLaRosa Sanchez Headshot

Marisa DeLaRosa Sanchez

I had an amazing time at Garrett’s 1-hour Improv workshop at the District 54 Toastmasters Winter TLI in February 2024 . The energy in the room was high, and the atmosphere was relaxed and friendly. The games forced me to be creative on the spot. My memory was also exercised. I would attend another workshop or class in a heartbeat!

Solomon Asine

In business, there are so many areas in which people try and improve various skills to advance their careers. I believe the single most important category, that will dictate your trajectory regardless of your field, is your ability to deal with people and situations! With Garrett Gray’s Improv Workshops you will learn to think on your feet, adapt to change quickly, add a little humor to the situation and resolve conflict! Attend his Workshops and get ready to move your workspace to the big corner office!

Shawn McPartland Headshot

Shawn McPartland

Garrett’s improv class has “improv”ed my skill set and made life better! Signing up—I just wanted to improve the skill of speaking on my feet. And yet this class has been so much MORE! Not only do you learn to think and speak on your feet but you also learn object work to enhance communication, and active listening which in turn helps build relationships and leadership skills. And did I mention we laughed in class—A LOT—even out to the parking lot. Every night I drove away from class, my face would hurt from all the laughs and thinking about all the fun we had. Outside of class, I began seeing the new skills at play and a lightness of laughter and intention show up in other areas of my life. No need to go to Second City—Garrett’s an awesome improv instructor! He’s not only Second City trained but closer to home! He provides a safe space to learn, grow in different skill sets, and laugh. He also creates a culture that inspires, empowers, and encourages each of his students in their journey. I believe anyone can improve with Improv. I challenge you—don’t hold back—this class will change and “improv”e your life!

Laurie Rusnak Headshot

Laurie Rusnak

The Main Stage Improv show at the Bit Theater was absolutely awesome! I was so impressed by the way the cast connected with the audience and made us all laugh throughout the whole show! Congratulations on such great team work on stage!

Cesar Rodriguez Headshot

Cesar Rodriguez

Garrett’s 1 hour Superhero Improv workshop was the MOST fun I had at the 2022 Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2) event!

Ihechi Uzoije Headshot

Ihechi Uzoije

Garrett initially introduced me to improv through Yes and And Toastmasters, and when I found out he was doing a 6 week Improv course, I jumped at the chance to learn even more! I highly recommend his Improv classes to the novice or the experienced Improv performer, because either way, you’re guaranteed to learn a lot, and have a blast!

Dan Prochaska Headshot

Dan Prochaska

What a fun time we had at the extended family party. Garrett’s improv games had us laughing with tears running down our cheeks! It was so much fun for all of the age groups to “play” together.

And and Kim Gerk Headshot

Andy & Kim Gerk

Our whole family had a great time at the Main Stage Improv show! Even our teenage son was into it and shouting answers and suggestions! It’s hard to pick a favorite skit as the whole night was great, but I still chuckle when I think about the hitchhikers and a three toed sloth.

Tara Kozlowski Headshot

Tara Kozlowski

Garrett’s 7-week improv class in Orland Park has exceeded my expectations.  As a Toastmaster, I signed up thinking it would help elevate my public speaking skills and in just a few sessions I realized the training provides so much more.  I am learning how to be more present in the moment, how to actively listen, how to respond freely & authentically and how to make meaningful connections out of ordinary interactions.  The laughter filled environment created by Garrett and my fellow classmates allowed me to let go of my fear of failure and to simply have fun with the exercises.  Garrett’s teaching style is perfectly paired with improv too because he is enthusiastic, genuinely supportive and encouraging at both the individual level and to us as a team.  I highly recommend taking Garrett’s class to anyone looking for a unique opportunity for personal development.

Martha Sojka

Garrett’s online improv fundamentals course kept my improv skills sharp during the pandemic. No longer performing with my previous improv troupe, I was elated to take Garrett’s class because it helped me keep my reps up and keep my improv skills sharp!

Erin Hallstrom Headshot

Erin Hallstrom

After taking Main Stage Improv’s Adult Improv Fundamentals Course, I am so impressed with Garrett Gray’s amazing teaching qualities including: Preparation – each class began with a handout for the material we would cover along with occasionally homework assignments; Adaptability – even though we were sometimes faced with location challenges, Garrett managed to adapt and overcome the hurdles; Positive Encouragement – Garrett ended each class be having members express positive feedback observations to each other and he also provided weekly specific encouragement to each student individually. I urge anyone seeking to stretch themselves, and have tons of fun doing so, to take one of Garrett Gray’s Improv classes. You won’t regret it!

Bill McQuillan headshot

Bill McQuillan

I enjoyed the structure and instruction that Garrett provided with his improv games at the TEDx Naperville event in 2022. It was easy to join in and feel comfortable with something that might have been uncomfortable!

Ashley South Headshot

Ashley South

The Main Stage Improv show was funny, creative and my cheeks hurt from laughing! Looking forward to the next show.

Heather Paugh Headshot

Heather Paugh

All Garrett needed was a room full of party-goers and a little bit of space to quickly get the party started in our living room. Garrett is a passionate, amazing human being. He has excellent people skills and quickly finds what makes people laugh and connect with each other. Everyone (even the teenagers!) got involved and had a fun time!

Liz McCrorey Headshot

Liz McCrorey

Improv at Your Doorstep was a great idea for our Christmas get-together. Garrett’s Improv games brought the different groups at our party together for a fun and interactive evening. Thanks Garrett!!

Steve Vacarro Headshot

Steve Vaccaro

The cast is amazing! I give it 5-stars!

Noel Ganay Headshot

Noel Ganay

I signed up for Garrett’s improv class to get out of my comfort zone and to have some fun.  I laughed my way through each class and learned a lot.  Garrett was a patient teacher and team builder and provided constant feedback and encouragement.  He worked with each person’s strengths to put together a fun graduation show at the end. If you are wondering if you should sign up for one of Garrett’s classes, the answer is YES!

Kristine Wszolek

These Improv workshops are great for all levels of improv experience. Garrett does a great job of creating a fun and safe environment for learning. He gave us smaller improv games to practice and teach us technique. It was a great experience for me, and it helped to build my confidence and my ability to adapt to a scene on the fly.

Andrea Regan Headshot

Andrea Taylor

Led by the charismatic Garrett Gray, improv games were an absolute hit at our club’s holiday party last year in 2022! They enlivened the atmosphere and injected an incredible dose of laughter and camaraderie. With Garrett’s well-selected games, the group truly came together to unleash their creativity in hilarious and unexpected ways. The improv games added an unforgettable layer of entertainment to the celebration, making our holiday gathering a memorable and heartwarming event!

Kristian Kind Headshot

Kristian Kind

Taking an improv class felt like a leap of faith, especially since I had no prior performing experience, but Garrett made me feel welcome and appreciated from day 1. The skills I learned in class helped me feel confident not only in my stage presence and humor, but also in my ability to think on my feet in stressful situations. I would recommend this adult improv fundamentals class highly to all who are interested. You won’t be disappointed!

Malavika McGrail Headshot

Malavika McGrail