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Building positive connections through laughter by delivering improvised entertainment to your stage, company, or home

Unleashing Your Potential

Feeling confined by routine? Embrace the challenge with Main Stage Productions! Our blend of Improv workshops, courses, and principles are aimed at stretching your limits in a fun environment. Whether you’re a seasoned improviser or a newcomer, we offer programs to unleash your potential. Step into the spotlight, expand your comfort zone, and discover a new you. Join us, and let your creativity soar!

IMPROVe Yourself

Improv Fundamentals

Learning basic principles and techniques to create spontaneous, unscripted performances.

Think On Your Feet

Enhancing the ability to think fast on your feet, an essential skill in improv and potentially valuable in many real-life scenarios.

Confidence in Speaking

Developing the ability to speak with confidence and authority through practice and guidance in a supportive environment.

Active Listening Skills

Training to actively listen and respond to others, enhancing both social interaction and collaboration in various settings.

Teamwork and Support

Learning how to effectively support teammates, create scene work with colleagues, and cultivate cooperative dynamics.

Character and Object Work

Exposure to creating characters, objects work, enriching creativity, and empowering participants to explore new dimensions of performance.

Entertainment Options

Main Stage Improv

Main Stage Improv performs a unique laugh out loud show of improv games in the style of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”

Improv Courses

Looking for a local adult Improv class that won’t cost you time and gas money just to get to? Well look no further!
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Improv Workshops

Want to improve your ability to think on your feet & have fun while doing it? Then these Improv Workshops brought straight to your doorstep are for YOU.

Improv At Your Doorstep

Hosting a private event at your company or a get-together at your house? Main Stage will come to your address to lead you and your guests in 1 hour of improv games!

A Cast of Satisfied Customers: Their Words, Not Ours

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Ready To Get Started?

At Main Stage Products, our services are more than just entertainment; they are a journey of personal growth. Engaging in improv helps individuals break out of their comfort zones, fostering vital skills in communication, empathy, and adaptability. By embracing the spontaneity and collaboration inherent in improv, participants not only find joy and creativity on stage but also translate these experiences into more effective social interactions and enriched relationships in everyday life. Join us, and discover the transformative power of improv.